Application Step-by-Step

To apply to the European Master in Tourism Management please follow steps 1-3 below.

Note: All documents must be saved in pdf format and the name must include applicant's name and surname in the form "name_surname"  (eg. 1.CV_Joan_Mendez.pdf).

Step 1

Prepare the following required documents in the corresponding formats:

1. Curriculum Vitae (Europass EU format) saved as 1.CV_name_surmane.pdf.

2. Original university diploma scanned and saved as 2a.UD_name_surname.pdf; and, if necessary, also the certified English translation of the diploma saved as 2a. UDtranslation_name_surname.pdf. If you have more than one degree, then follow the same rule but use 2b, 2c,... instead of 2a at the beginning of the file(s) name*.

3. Original academic transcript of course grades scanned and saved as 3a.CT_name_surname.pdf; and, if necessary, also the certified English translation of the transcript saved as 3a.CTtranslation_name_surname.pdf. If you have more than one degree, then follow the same rule but use 3b, 3c,... instead of 3a at the beginning of the file(s) name. The letter used in the name of the transcript file needs to correspond to the letter in the name of the diploma file*.

4. A motivation letter stating the motivation to study in the EMTM programme, professional experience (if any), expectations of the programme and future prospects saved as 4.ML_name_surname.pdf.

5. Proof of competence in English language saved as 5.CE_name_surname.pdf**.

6. Two letters of recommendation scanned and saved as 6a.LR_name_surname.pdf and 6b.LR_name_surname.pdf. The letters must include e-mail, contact address and telephone number of the recommending professor.

7. Scanned copy of a valid passport saved as 7.PC_name_surname.pdf.

For non-EU candidates the expiry date must not be before December of the year of finishing the EMTM studies. For example, for EMTM 2020-2022 the expiry date has to be minimum December 2022.  It is possible to apply with a passport which does not fulfil this condition. However, it is important to apply for the new passport immediately after receiving the acceptance to the programme. In the case of  applicants from countries where the application for a new passport takes longer than one month, it is highly recommended to apply for the new passport in advance.

Please note that the application for the Danish residency permit takes up to 4 months using a passport valid three months longer than the end of the master's programme.

8. Save any other documents as 8.OD_name_surname.pdf.


Step 2

Prepare a .zip or .rar file including all the above documents in the format or name_surname.rar. Note that the file cannot exceed more than 10MB in total, so please check the size of the files of scanned documents.


Step 3

Apply online and upload the .zip or .rar file containing all the digital copies of the required documents by clicking below:

Note: the online application form is only available when the call is open.

  • The application must be made online. Posted documents will not be sent back to applicants. Only selected students will be asked to send the hard copy of the documents listed above to the EMTM Secretariat address after the announcement of the selection results.
  • If there are any doubts during any stage of the evaluation procedure, we will contact you and ask for further explanation.
  • Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.


* Original diploma(s) and academic transcript(s) should ideally be issued in English by the corresponding higher education institution. If this is not possible, these documents must be translated into English by a certified translator.

**English language proficiency proved by TOEFL (Official / Institutional tests are not accepted) with at least 230 points (computer based) / 575 points (Paper-based test) / 88 points (Internet-based Test), IELTS (Academic) at grade minimum 6.5 or Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) with minimum level C.
Exemption: You are exempt from documenting your English skills if your qualifying first degree (bachelor/undergraduate degree) was taken in the USA, Canada (English speaking part), Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom or Ireland. Please note that if your qualifying degree is only partly taught in one of the above countries, you are not exempted from documenting your English skills but must do so in the manner described above. It is not sufficient to enclose a letter from your home university. Not even if the language of instruction at your home university is English.


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