EMTM Alumni Directory Privacy Policy & Terms of Use


  1. The EMTM Consortium is controller and processor of the data included in the EMTM Alumni Directory (hereinafter referred to as the “Directory”).
  2. Only EMTM students, alumni and staff are allowed to use the Directory.
  3. EMTM students, alumni and staff are not allowed to transfer any personal information from the Directory to other platforms or entities outside the EMTM Consortium. Any transfer of personal data can only be made upon express consent of the data subject (i.e. the student or the alumnus/a).
  4. The information contained in the Directory can only be used for academic matters, career development purposes and EMTM Surfing Map.
  5. Students and alumni are allowed to use the email addresses of other students and alumni to contact them.
  6. The EMTM Consortium is allowed to use the email addresses of students and alumni to send them information related to the EMTM programme.
  7. The EMTM Consortium shall use the data included in the Directory for statistical or reporting purposes only in aggregated form and always ensuring the anonymity of personal data.
  8. The EMTM Consortium reserves the right to accept as well as exclude Directory users.
  9. A breach of privacy policy or terms of use by a student or alumnus/a might lead to the exclusion of this user from the Directory.
  10. At the choice of a student or alumnus/a, the EMTM Consortium will delete all his or her personal information included in the Directory.



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