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EMTM Master Thesis Diaries: Petra Prelog, EMTM 2021-2023

February, 13 2024
EMTM 2021-2023

In the blog series "EMTM Thesis Diary" students tell us about their fourth semester experience doing research and writing their master's thesis in the destination of their choice.

Petra Prelog from generation 2021-2023 spent the fourth semester in her home country, Slovenia, writing her thesis and doing an internship as a Junior HR Data and Process Analyst.

EMTM Master Thesis Diaries: Petra Prelog, EMTM 2021-2023

- Where did you spend the fourth semester and where are you currently based?

I spent my fourth semester in my beautiful home country, Slovenia, and I am currently still here. However, I'm always on the lookout for new places to explore and consider moving elsewhere.

- What did you write your master’s thesis about?

A deep passion has marked my academic journey for environmental and social responsibility, which drives my commitment to creating positive change. This is precisely why my master's thesis delves into the realm of employee satisfaction within Slovenia's hospitality sector.

- Why did you choose this topic?

Given my dedication to sustainable practices, it is only natural that social responsibility is an integral part of my commitment. Having previously worked in Slovenia's hospitality sector, I have firsthand knowledge of the challenges it faces, particularly in the wake of COVID-19, where skilled employee shortages and high turnover rates have become pressing issues.

In my master's thesis, I investigate the broader perspective of employee satisfaction, pinpointing the key factors influencing it, and proposing strategies for enhancing employee satisfaction and retention in this dynamic and diverse sector. The hospitality industry centred around delivering outstanding customer service and creating unforgettable experiences for guests and employees, provides an exciting backdrop for my research.

- What did you enjoy the most about the research and thesis writing experience?

Throughout the process of writing my thesis, what resonated with me the most was the prospect of making a tangible, positive impact on workplace employee satisfaction within my country. Within the pages of my master's thesis, you will find a collection of recommendations and methods designed to enhance employee satisfaction, motivation, and retention for employers operating within Slovenia's hospitality sector.

- Are you also doing an internship while writing your master's thesis? If so, where are you working and what are your main tasks?

I am currently working as a student at Bureau Veritas, a renowned international company specialising in laboratory testing, inspection, and certification services. Bureau Veritas is globally recognized for assisting clients in enhancing their performance through innovative solutions and services and helps its clients improve their performance by offering services and innovative solutions in order to ensure that their assets, products, infrastructure and processes meet standards and regulations in terms of quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility.

In my role as a Junior HR Data and Process Analyst, I engage with professionals across Europe on a daily basis. My responsibilities involve the implementation of advanced digital solutions into their daily operations, alongside performing business analysis tasks. I take immense pride in being a part of a company that has a profound, positive impact on the lives of millions of people each day.

Questions answered by Petra Prelog (Slovenia), Alumna of EMTM Generation 2021-2023

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