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EMTM Master Thesis Diaries: Junanto, EMTM 2021-2023

December, 11 2023
EMTM 2021-2023

In the blog series "EMTM Thesis Diary" students tell us about their fourth semester experience doing research and writing their master's thesis in the destination of their choice.

Junanto from generation 2021-2023 decided to go back to Copenhagen (Denmark) for the fourth semester of the EMTM program, where he worked as a research and communication specialist at Group NAO's while writing his master's thesis.

EMTM Master Thesis Diaries: Junanto, EMTM 2021-2023

After my nomadic lifestyle with EMTM for one and a half years, I decided to return to Denmark and settle down in Copenhagen for my 4th semester. The chaotic blend of architectural wonders, youthful vibes, hygge culture, chic libraries, crazy bikers, and expensive bills here really captivated me. Since then, I haven't looked back and decided to stay for good.

One of my favourite aspects of the city is the impressive library collection, where I spent most of my time completing my thesis. My master's thesis explores the concept of "sustainability storytelling", a widely used buzzword but under-researched notion in the tourism industry. The best part of the thesis is that I had the opportunity to discuss the topic with leading experts in sustainability communications and DMO practitioners across the Nordics, which was particularly rewarding and insightful.

The outcomes of my research propose a new definition of sustainability storytelling, practical approaches to the concept, and compile a series of best practices from the Nordic DMOs. Anyone interested in the research outcomes or would like to discuss the concept further is more than welcome to reach out to me.

If you couldn't find me working on my thesis during the weekdays, I was probably at Group NAO's office working as a research and communication specialist. Group NAO is an innovation and consultancy agency working in the realm of the visitor economy, where creativity meets science and art meets logic. My work here involves conducting research on various tourism trends and generating content for project communication.

Written by Junanto (Indonesia), Alumnus of EMTM Generation 2021-2023

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