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Where are they now? Erik Dallakyan, EMTM 2020-2022

August, 04 2023
Where are they now? EMTM Alumni EMTM 2020-2022

EMTM Alumni go in different directions after they graduate. In the blog series "Where are they now?" EMTM Alumni share their career development stories.

Erik Dallakyan from generation 2020-2022 shares about the first steps in his career after EMTM.

Where are they now? Erik Dallakyan, EMTM 2020-2022

Erik Dallakyan, 26
Country: Armenia
Bachelor's degree: Bachelor of Management

- Why did you decide to apply for the EMTM program?

I decided to apply for the EMTM program after my work experience at Armenia International Airport, where I interacted with tourists and witnessed the challenges of contemporary tourism. The program offers a comprehensive and integrated approach to tourism management, directly addressing these industry challenges. Additionally, the program's partnership with three universities from three countries provides a unique opportunity to study tourism while experiencing diverse cultures across the Scandinavia, central Europe, and southern Europe.

- What is your best EMTM memory?

EMTM has been a blessing both academically and personally, making it difficult to choose a single best memory. From an academic standpoint, the field trip to The Route of Exile across the borders of Spain and France stands out. During this trip, my team and I had the incredible opportunity to explore a dark tourism product, engage with industry representatives, and collaborate effectively while visiting various dark tourism attractions. On a personal level, EMTM has facilitated tremendous growth, with cherished memories of traveling with classmates and engaging in thought-provoking academic discussions.

- Why did you decide to pursue a PhD after EMTM?

EMTM inspired me to excel academically, think innovatively, and embrace challenges. These experiences fostered a deep interest in research, leading me to pursue a PhD. The program's collaborative learning approach and emphasis on collaboration, inclusion, and collective leadership to address the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) deeply resonated with me. Consequently, I decided to delve into leadership in the services industry, aiming to create a path for researchers, practitioners, and society to contribute to the SDGs.

- What is your PhD about and what do you like the most about this journey? What are your main tasks?

My PhD project aims to redefine leadership theory and practice to effectively address complex organizational and global challenges using a design thinking mindset. I conduct my PhD research at the University of Stavanger, Norway, within the Norwegian School of Hotel Management. What I like most about the journey is that it offers the flexibility to explore my own research interests and adjust project goals as needed. As for the main tasks, I conduct research, engage in weekly discussions with my supervisors, write articles, participate in international conferences for research dissemination. I also have the opportunity to organize workshops to contribute to my topic development and share findings with industry representatives, PhD students, and other academics.

- What is your career goal?

My ideal career goal is to work simultaneously in academia and industry. I envision conducting research while actively engaging with industry representatives. In the industry, I aspire to mentor professionals, guiding them towards improved leadership practices to address their company challenges enabling multidisciplinary collaboration in support of global challenges such as pandemics, wars, climate action, etc.

Questions answered by Erik Dallakyan (Armenia), Alumnus of EMTM Generation 2020-2022

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