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EMTM Master Thesis Diaries: Shradha Agarwal, EMTM 2021-2023

July, 03 2023
EMTM 2021-2023

In the blog series "EMTM Thesis Diary" students tell us about their fourth semester experience doing research and writing their master's thesis in the destination of their choice.

Shradha Agarwal from generation 2021-2023 is currently traveling and volunteering around Europe while researching about fostering pro-environmental behavior in Arctic tourists through citizen science projects for her master's thesis.

EMTM Master Thesis Diaries: Shradha Agarwal, EMTM 2021-2023

As an environmentalist, I had always been keen on sustainability and green growth, but most times I felt helpless in finding practical solutions and how to bring about that change.

However, my almost 2-year journey now with the European Master in Tourism Management (EMTM) has helped me be more critical and aware; and I took a big leap for my thesis project where I am researching about fostering pro-environmental behaviour in Arctic (polar) tourists through citizen science projects.

I also decided to take an unconventional route for my fourth semester where I am not based in one country but I am everywhere... I decided to travel and volunteer backpacking around Europe, while also working on my Master's thesis project. And to make life a little more difficult, I also took up an internship with PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) as a Sustainability Associate to gain some practical industry experience.

Now you must be wondering how am I managing all that. Well, it is every bit difficult as it sounds, maybe a little more… But it is also so worth it. It is so fulfilling and life-changing when I am meeting such amazing people including a lot of EMTM alumni, having experiences of a lifetime, and learning/growing on all levels (academic and personal).

My research has had phases of ups and downs but it is going well too. My supervisor has been extremely helpful and supportive and I am very thankful to her. I would not hold myself in saying that when I got into EMTM I was a dreamer, a hopeful optimist. I am a dreamer still, but now I also know that I (or anyone for that matter) have the power to make those dreams a reality because EMTM has made this world a smaller place and everything seems attainable.

Written by Shradha Agarwal (India), student of EMTM Generation 2021-2023

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