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Our "Lasts" in Girona

January, 27 2023
Girona EMTM 2021-2023

The words I decided to use for this blog post were very difficult to choose. As difficult as choosing the photos to post on our social media that best represent this semester in Girona, but the most difficult was saying goodbye to the family we have created and with which we have grown during the last 18 months.


I've been reflecting a lot, especially after someone told me, "Let's do it, this is our last semester together", or after they said, "Wow! It's our last semester, can you believe it?" In those moments, it hit me. It really hit me that this is indeed our last school that we will be attending together, our last party with all 21 of us in the same room, our last lunch, last dinner, and last conversation with someone.

When we first arrived in Girona in September, we had no idea that this semester would include so many "lasts". However, even though now we are all situated in different parts of the world, it still seems like only yesterday that we first met in Kolding. This semester was both hectic and exciting. There have been many highs and lows, but through each one we have grown, learned, and prospered.

La Cerdanya, a stunning area of the eastern Pyrenees, was the destination of our first field trip as part of the Tourism Destination Management course. Our guide's dogs were undoubtedly the highlight of the trip (just kidding... or am I not? ;)). This field trip was unforgettable, with picturesque scenery, charming villages, breathtaking landscapes, breakfasts without limits, hilarious failures that we will talk about forever, and exceptional knowledge gained.

The remarkable Dalí triangle was the destination of our second field trip for half of the class, while the fascinating archaeological sites around Catalonia were visited by the other half of the class.

In our Customer Relations course, we took a trip to a hotel in Girona where we met the manager and had the chance to ask questions about every aspect of the hotel's operations. A fantastic chance to gain knowledge of how large hotels function.

For us, attending the Smart City Expo in Barcelona was particularly interesting because it allowed us to gain firsthand information about businesses at such an important event for the tourism industry. We had such a valuable experience, and we immediately applied the knowledge we learned in our Business Management course.

When I think of what I might have done differently, I consider numerous moments. However, my mind constantly wanders because I believe that if I had changed any aspect of my experience, I would have missed out on something that had greatly helped me grow. So, thank you, my new EMTM family. 

Written by Petra Prelog, Student of EMTM Generation 2021-2023

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