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Where are they now? Magdalina Atanassova, EMTM 2010-2012

May, 31 2022
Where are they now? EMTM Alumni EMTM 2010-2012

EMTM Alumni go in different directions after they graduate. In the blog series "Where are they now?" EMTM Alumni share their career development stories.
Magdalina Atanassova (née Yarichkova) from generation 2010-2012 shares the first steps in her professional career after EMTM.

Where are they now? Magdalina Atanassova, EMTM 2010-2012

On the path to success

We are all trying to prove that we are somebody. That we are worth something. That we can give back to the world. That our deeds mean something to somebody. That's valid also for me. And that feeling is not going away – it is here to stay.

I had an interesting start to EMTM. At first, I was not successful with my application, and I got rejected, so I moved on feeling defeated and knowing that ship has sailed. I was working back then at a travel agency as an Assistant MICE Manager (I was not herding mice, I swear, MICE stands for meetings, incentives, conferences and events). I was ending that employment as it was not really what I expected and I couldn't fit and understand the mentality, which was very Bulgarian, and I was just back after 5 years abroad. And that added to that feeling of being lost and trying to understand what was next for me.

Then, out of the blue, a curious email came to my mailbox - EMTM had reopened my application and needed a few more documents to consider me for a scholarship. The rest is history.

Faith truly knows how to open doors. But it all comes to us as to how we act and what we do in those moments. I have always had a growth mindset and I have been proactive with work opportunities (and apparently, people tell me I’m the opposite for the fun stuff...I don’t think so, but well…that’s for another article). I have been all-in on every opportunity that came my way during EMTM, and shortly after. My first position after graduating sounded very similar to my acceptance into the program story, with the difference that the company didn't reopen my case - I did

After I didn't hear from the hiring manager, I reached out to him and asked for pointers so that I can do better next time around. I also suggested that we could meet at one of the staple trade shows in the events industry, where I was anyhow planning to go and find a good job for myself. The manager was really impressed with my attitude and pushed the management to open a position for me, no matter that there was none planned or budgeted for. All I needed was a way in, as I trusted that afterwards, it all depended on me to show the team and company what I can do for them - how I can contribute. I spent three and a half years at the company, where for the last two of those I was reporting directly to the Vice President of the company.

I am writing this at a very interesting point in my career too. For the past nearly seven years I have been a part of one of the leading professional conference organisers in the world, managing the company's brand as their Marcom Manager (and getting Marcom Director less than a year ago). I will be switching teams and moving away from Marcom - something that I have been doing for close to a decade now. I am stepping in as Creative Director Digital - moving to a newly formed department in my company and helping lead those efforts and all the creative parts in it.

I hope you all can realise that it is not the program, a teacher, or living in a specific country that will change your life. It is your attitude and how you would use the amazing assets that you are gaining along the way. And EMTM has plenty to offer, you just need to have your eyes open and your future clear in your mind. That is all you need to succeed. And I cannot wait to read your story in no time.

Stay inspired. Keep inspiring.


Written by Magdalina Atanassova, Alumna of EMTM Generation 2010-2012.

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