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How can EMTM make the world a better place?

March, 23 2022
EMTM 2021-2023 Sustainability Diversity

In this blog post we are reflecting on our actions and impacts on the planet and the future of humanity. How can we make it better? Can we even change anything? Keep reading to find the answer. 

How can EMTM make the world a better place?

The world is shaking. We are facing existential crises due to climate change, pandemic isolation, political instability. The war in Ukraine is the next setback for our generation. We feel lost. Aware of our responsibility to make the world a better place. We are asking ourselves how can we contribute? What is truly important? You can already see; this blog is going to be a philosophical one. After 8 months into the programme, I can tell you, and my cohort would certainly agree, that’s what EMTM is all about, becoming philosophic practitioners. And this is a good thing, I’ll tell you why.

Isn’t it funny that if we look at tourism, we see a collaborative industry, destroying the assets it is based on? At fault for the loss of cultural diversity, gentrification, pollution, destruction of natural landscapes, degradation, exploitation of people. Tourism needs to change its perspectives, challenge what has been there before. What if the world doesn’t need constant growth? What if humanity is better off with less? What if since day one, the sense of life has always been to live simple, with each other instead of against each other. We want to believe in an industry revolution towards a more worth living future. A new wave of tourism, protecting the social and natural environment. Tourism as a communication tool.

The power of diversity is an often-mentioned strength of our programme. By sharing our backgrounds, our cultures, our understandings, we influence each other, we learn one from another. Every one of us has a different story to tell, a different focus. Those little things can make a change. For example, using new plastic bags for every single grocery shopping is still a completely usual in one country, while using reusable cups is already common in another one. Just by talking to each other, simple solutions can be shared. These small things we will take back to our countries or whatever place our life will guide us after the EMTM experience. Looking at every single of us, I can already see, after this short time, how we shaped each other. We all have grown, some of us might be aware of it, others will realize it later. I am sure each one of the EMTM students will at least give one bit of positive input in the future.

We are facing existential questions. However, we are not driven by fear, we are driven by optimism. We don’t care about borders. We care about traditions. We care about nature. We care about humanity. We care about people. We care about doing better. About acting better. We are no climatologists, no political experts, no geographers, no doctors, no politicians, no chemists, no scientists, but we do believe in a better future. We believe that tourism needs a change. We believe that we can be part of that change. We believe in values. Values such as freedom. Happiness. Health. Equity. Most importantly, solidarity.

Written by Laura Schill, Student of EMTM Generation 2021-2023.

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