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Christmas, Exams, and Homely Kolding

December, 26 2021
Kolding EMTM 2021-2023 Christmas

In this blog post, we embark on a magical Christmas journey in Kolding that EMTMers have experienced this December.

Christmas, Exams, and Homely Kolding

It’s December once more! How time flies! December is the month that all of us have been waiting for. The festive vibes, a lit-up town at night, fireworks, Christmas tree, cute reindeers and all the good talks with friends at the evening gatherings. After all, we realized that we are towards the end of 2021 already and we have been enjoying our time here in Kolding. There isn’t much time left before we embark on our next journey in Ljubljana. Let's reminisce about our amazing days in this charming little town and etch it into our EMTMers' memories.

While we were excited about the Christmas season, we couldn’t help stressing out about our exams. But you know what? Having exams during the holiday season wasn’t too bad. They say “after every rain, there is a rainbow” but here, we could enjoy a rainbow during the rain! Since we’re EMTMers, travel is in our DNA. We took the advantage to explore many places during this month. Some of us have travelled to Germany to get ourselves soaked in the so-called traditional German Christmas market, while others have travelled to Copenhagen to enjoy the Christmassy capital city. I must admit that I joined forces to go on both trips, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Many of us have just experienced our first Danish Christmas (including myself), and I would say that the Danes take it very seriously. Throughout the Kolding Light Festival, with all the multi-coloured shining lights, the entire town was beautifully illuminated. In the middle of the town square, a massive pine was decked out with ornaments and lights. A large crowd filled the main streets, feeling festive while eating a hot dog and sipping a gløgg. At the end of the night, the highlight was set up near our apartments at the lake, and everyone rushed out there to enjoy the mind-blowing 30-minute-long firework display, singing along with the background Christmas carols and ending the night with an amazing feeling.

To the soon-to-be 2022 EMTMers, Happy Holidays, may your hard work pay off and have a wonderful rest of 2021!

See you next year!

Written by Pitchakorn Punpornmatee, Student of EMTM Generation 2021-2023.

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