Student Research

In the fourth semester of the two-year EMTM programme, students travel to all corners of the world to conduct either a practical or academic research on various topics in tourism for their master theses. In this section, you find a list of topics researched by EMTM students. This list can be used as a point of reference or inspiration of ideas for possible future thesis topics.

List of Research Topics

Abdul Hamid (Bangladesh): Destination Branding Challenges in Developing Countries: The Case of Bangladesh

Adam William Almagro Silva (Brazil): Cross-cultural Destination Management and Marketing: The Chinese Outbound Market in Australian Destinations

Agnès Julià Maset (Spain): The Development of Collaborative Innovation Networks (COINs) in a Regional Tourism Destination

Airin Wydianto Oei (Indonesia): State-controlled vs. Collaborative Management Initiatives in Indonesian Marine National Parks: Case Studies of Komodo and Bunaken National Parks

Aksana Staravoitava (Belarus): Single Regional Visas and Travel Facilitation: The View of Travel Companies in Central Asia

Alejandra Sada Garibay (Mexico): Governance and Stakeholder’s Networks in Tourism in Cape Coast, Ghana

Alexandru Dimache (Romania): Meaningful Experiences at Dark Heritage Sites: A Semiotic Analysis of the Memory-Narratives-Place Attachment Nexus

Alina Pop (Romania): Understanding the Relationship between the Accommodation and the Experience of Place of Language Tourists

Andrea Liamzon (Philippines): A Comparative Content-Semiotic Analysis of National Tourism Organization and International Tourists' Destination Images: A Case Study from the Philippines

Anette Christiansen (Norway): The Path Less Pedaled. A Grounded Theory Approach to a Cycling Tourism Typology in Europe

Anika Theresa Nolte (Germany): How Does the Increasing Publicity of Camino de Santiago Impact the Personal Experience of its Religious and Spiritual Devout Pilgrims? A Case of Camino Frances, Spain

Anna Karina Gentgen (Germany): An Analysis of Frequent Leisure Traveller Behaviour within the Context of Contemporary Climate Change Debates

Anna Otero (Spain): Historical Pathways and Cultural Heritage as Key Elements of Cultural Landscapes: The Case Study of Camí De Ronda, a Coastal Path along the Costa Brava

Anna Popova (Russian Federation): Organizational Learning Approach to Environmental Management Systems in Hotels

Anna-Maria Innocenti (Germany): International Volunteering in the Refugee Response in Europe: The Case of a Refugee Camp in Greece

Anne-Sofie Drud Gregersen (Denmark): Tourism at a Supranational Level - The Case of EU. Governance of Large Tourism Destinations

Barbara Fignarova (Slovakia): The Use of High Speed Rail Services by Business Travelers

Barbara Jeglič (Slovenia): Sport Tourism, Serious Leisure and Social Identity: Case Study of Karate Nerd Experience 2015

Barbora Gulisova (Slovakia): Museums, Heritage, and Tourism on the Danish West Coast

Binh Ngoc Thanh Phan (Vietnam): Destination Image: Pre and Post-Experience of International Students in Queensland, Australia

Camille Megelin (France): The Reality TV Show as an Efficient Tool for Destination Branding Purposes: A Case Study of the French Reality Show Koh-Lanta

Carmen Paola Sota Valdivia (Peru): The Role of Social Entrepreneurs in Community-Based Rural Tourism in Developing Countries

Carolina da Costa Saraiva (Brazil): Community Management in Tourism Destinations: A Case Study of Barcelona and Delhi

Christina Bispink (Germany): Current Destination Image of U.S. Undergraduate Students on the European Destinations France, Spain and the United Kingdom and their Travel Motivations

Cristina Martínez García (Spain): Tourism Planning in Local Tourism Destinations: Review and Actions for Improvement. The Case of Costa Brava

Cristina Michelini (Italy): A Contractual Framework for Educational Tourism Services in Europe

David Michael Hornstein (Germany): Tourism Careers: Tourism Students’ Attitudes and Career Perceptions

Deborah Huls (Netherlands): The Host Community’s Satisfaction of Tourism in a Destination: The Case of Utrecht

Dominik Weissensteiner (Austria): Generational Change in Chinese Negotiation Behavior

Elena Sibireva (Russia): Customer-Based Brand Equity Model (CBBE) for Measurement of MICE Destinations Brand Performance

Eleonora Provozin (Ukraine): Human Resource Development Governance in the Tourism Industry: Analysis and Recommendations

Elisa Munaro (Italy): How Bloggers’ Narratives Can Influence Destination Brands: The Case of Blogville, Emilia Romagna, Italy

Elizaveta Fedorova (Russian Federation): Lost in Transition: Communication Gaps in Tourism Branding and their Implications. Case Study of Visit Denmark and the Russian Market

Eliška Smaržikova (Slovakia): Understanding the Market for Green Meetings: Case Study of Marriott Brussels

Emmanuelle Brochet (France): Project of Responsible and Solidarity Surf on the Basque Coast

Fangye Chen (China): Product Development of Educational Tourism for Students: Case Studies in China

Florian Streib (Germany): Mega Sport Events and Tourism: The FIFA World Cup 2014 as a Chance for Salvador da Bahia to Attract More European Tourists in the Post-event Period

Franziska Mattner (Germany): The Art of Bicycle Travel: Co-Designing a Human-centered Cycling Tourism Experience

Franziska Rottig (Germany): Structural Constraints to Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration in Tourism in Developing Countries: The Case of Nicaragua

Gabriel Blchač (Slovakia): Rural Experience as a Complement to Sport Adventure Tourism Product

Georgina Xifra Cubero (Spain): Family Tourism Decision-Making: The Role of Digital Women

Georgios Panteloukas (Greece): Exploring Long-term International Mobility: Life Perspectives of Master Students

Gražina Diržyte (Lithuania): In Search for Authenticity: Tourists Perception of Authenticity in Dining Experiences

Guilherme Fernandes (Brazil): Tourism and Safety Image: An Exploratory Case Study on Brazil

Gussa Haile Hambisa (Ethiopia): Analyzing the Host Perceptions of Tourism Social Impacts: Case of the South Omo tribes in Ethiopia

Hélène Danièle Corrieu (France): The Use of Geocaching in Cultural Heritage Tourism: Case Study of Pays Dieppois-Terroir de Caux

Inga Prusevičiūtė (Lithuania): The Influence of Movie Trailers on Destination Image: The Case of China

Ioana Alexandra Mereuta (Romania): Tourist Experience Moves Forward through Virtual Reality: A Case Study of Dialysis Patients towards Virtual Travelling

Ioana Varodi (Romania): Branding of Underdeveloped Area: Study Case Iasi

Iva Tcolova (Bulgaria): Gastronomy Destinations’ Branding on Visual Social Media: The Case of the World’s Best Restaurants on Instagram

Jasmine Sigrid Robert Moelans (Belgium): An Exploration of Cuba’s Destination Image among Different Traveller Types and Related Travel Arrangements

Johan Adermalm (Sweden): Knowledge Management in Online Tourism Networks: The Adoption of the Creative Industries Web 2.0 Paradigm in Tourism Destination Management

John Tetsuro Shuler (United States): The Roles of Interpretation in British Columbian Aboriginal Ecotourism: Case Studies in First Nations’ Natural and Cultural Heritage Conservation

Jozef Kocun (Slovakia): Youth and Student Travel Preferences: Case of Slovakia

Judita Malovrh (Slovenia): Networking around Rural Tourism Providers in Gorenjska Region: The case of Tourism Farms

Julia Augustin (Germany): Sustainability of Adventure Tours: The Case of Soča Valley, Slovenia

Katherine Inez Leum (United States): Tourism Cooperatives in Rural Communities: Three Case Studies from Ireland

Kathrin Lilienberg (Germany): An Investigation on Sustainable Tourism Development and Indigenous Peoples’ Empowerment and Intercommunity Conflicts: The Case of the Industrious Berawan and the Humble Penan of the Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia

Katja Richter (Germany): Viral Destination Marketing: Science rather than Art - A European Perspective

Kerrin Brandt (Germany): Volunteer Tourism - Volunteer Tourists' Experience and Motivation

Kimberley Marr (Canada): Digital Nomads: Exploring the Experiences of Location-Independent Workers as Tourists

Kimberly Peterkin (Jamaica): Online Travel Agencies as a Source of Hotel Information: A Content Analysis

Konstantinos Vitoratos (Greece): Assessing the Impact of Student Exchange Programs on Destination Image Perception: The Case of Exchange Students in the Faculty of Economics of University of Ljubljana

Kristof Tomej (Ukraine/Hungary): Assessing Sustainable Tourist Transport Systems

Laura Perpiñà Blanch (Spain): Destination Image: An Insight into the Case Study of Barcelona

Luka Maslač (Croatia): Perception and Importance of Authenticity Among the Subgroup of Chinese Generation Y

Madara Luka (Latvia): The Effect of Tourist Satisfaction on Loyalty for First-Time Visitors in Riga, Latvia

Magdalina Asenova Yarichkova (Bulgaria): CVBS as a Vehicle for MICE-Destination Development: The Business Model of Serbia Convention Bureau

Maja Černec (Slovenia): Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in the International Hotel Chains: A Web Content Analysis

Maria Kavazidou (Greece): Hosting a Kin, yet a Foreign Kid: The Experience of Women Hosting ‘Refugees on Holidays’

Mariia Orlenko (Ukraine): Incorporating Events into Destination Branding: Case Study of Temps de Flors Festival

Marija Lanč (Slovenia): Accessibility Legislation for Tourism Accommodation: The Case of EU

Marina Gorlova (Russia): Building Personal Identity from Adventure Tourism Experience through Travel Blogs

Marina Tcaturian (Russia): Alteration of Organic Destination Image Mitigated by a Single Text in the Context of Stereotypes: Case Study of Russia

Marta Sala (Italy): The Relationship between Trade Fairs and Urban Tourism: The Cases of São Paulo and Milan

Massimo Donato Bonmassari (Italy): The Scentification of Tourism: The Case of Touring Smellwalks in Girona

Matilde Guido (Italy): Qualitative Analysis of Direct-To-Retailers Local Food Networks: Case of Gostilna Slovenija

Megan Hennessy (Ireland): Accessible Tourism: Exploring Dialysis Patients' World of Travel

Melissa Gagné (Canada): From Space to Place: Interstitial Encounters in the Visitor and Resident City Experience in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Milica Ilinčić (Serbia): Benefits of Creative Tourism Experience - The Tourist Perspective

Milica Matorčević (Serbia): Tourists’ Experiences of Creative Tourism: The Case of Flamenco

Monika Mester (Germany): The Barriers to Voluntary Pro-Environmental Behavior Change in Air Travel Decision Making

Nafisah Wulandari (Indonesia): Projected and Perceived Images of Indonesia’s Tourism Campaign "Wonderful Indonesia"

Natanong Maikhu (Thailand): Destination Image Perception through Educational Tourism: Case of Thai AFS Exchange Student in Brazil

Nataša Milić (Serbia): Opportunities of Developing Congress Tourism in Rural Areas of Europe

Nika Kampuš (Slovenia): Customer Satisfaction Analysis Towards Environmental Practices: Case of European Luxury Hotels

Nikolina Đurinec (Croatia): Marketing Wedding Tourism in Tourist Destinations

Nina Tosin (Austria): Blog Trips. Telling a Story through #InCostaBrava and #InPyrenees

Nino Turashvili (Georgia): Confronting Two Different Approaches of Tourism Development in Remote, Indigenous Destinations of the Developing World. Case Study of Upper Svaneti, Georgia

Nuntanut Krissanasuwan (Thailand): Volunteer Tourism. The Emergence of Tourism in the Organic Movement: Case Study of World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) Girona, Spain

Patricia Rozada Aller (Spain): The Role of Urban Legislation in the Development of a Tourism Destination: A Focus on the Local Community

Patrick Edlinger (Austria): An Analysis of the Impact of Photographing on the Visitors’ Emotional Experience at Cultural Spaces and their Post-Visit Behavioural Intentions

Philipp Jan Carl Herzig (Germany): Visitor Satisfaction at UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The Case of the Oasis of Bahla and Land of Frankincense in the Sultanate of Oman

Prerana Kumar (India): Reconstructing Heritage and Tourism

Roula Bazerbashi (Syria): Online Reviews Effect on Hotel’s Performance

Ruta Vidauskaite (Lithuania): Destination Branding through Wedding Tourism: The Case of the Caribbean

Sandra Castañer Camps (Spain): The Use of Instagram as a Destination Marketing Tool by Destination Marketing Organisations: An Exploratory Study

Selina Botescu (The Netherlands): Customers in Space: An Exploratory Research on the Perceptions of Future Suborbital Space Tourists

Shuang Liu (China): Marketing Strategies for Destinations in the Shadow: European Case Studies and Guidelines for the Future

Sibylle Victoria Randoll (Germany): The Impacts of Development Aid on Tourism in Third World Countries - A Study of Microfinance in Namibia

Sil Van de Velde (Belgium): The Phenomenology of a Tourism Experience in Unfamiliar and Different Spaces. Case Setting: Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

Spyridon Doumenis (Greece): An Exploratory Analysis of Motorcycling Tourists' Perceptions and Consumer Behaviour

Stefan Büttner (Germany): Urban Traveller Experience Research: Insights from the ‘Life Posted’

Suchi Smita Mahato (India): Understanding the Expectations of Young Individuals of the Greater Chinese Population from a Wine Tourism Experience

Syed Bashar (Bangladesh): Impact of Social Travel Networks on Travel Planning: The Case of Tripadvisor

Takashi Fabian Märkl (Germany): Travel Behaviour: A Case of German Football Fans at Transnational Away Games

Tamara Gađanski (Serbia): Exploring the Influence of Photographs on the Conative Destination Image

Tjaša Rahne (Slovenia): Popular Media-Induced Tourism. Bringing Magic into a Muggle World: A Case Study of Harry Potter Tourism Site Interpretation

Valeria Guttilla (Italy): The Influence of Knowledge and Previous Knowledge on Risk Perception: An Experimental Approach

Valeska Ruiken (Germany): Analyzing Impacts of Circumvention Tourism: Cases on Prostitution, Abortion, and Drug Tourism in Europe

Violeta Meotto (Argentina): The Simultaneity of Migration, International Education and Travelling: A Tourism Mobilities Study on Erasmus Mundus Third Country Nationals

Vladimira Sajbanova (Slovakia): Model of Tourism Technology Entrepreneurship: Case of Travel Apps

Walailak Trongjittipanya (Thailand): From Film to Destination: Storytelling and Image of Dark Tourism in Auschwitz

Wei Mei Lee (Malaysia): Understanding Consumption Behaviour of Home-Exchangers from Catalonia Region, Spain

Yi Ling (Yining) Chen (Taiwan): Sport Events and Awareness-raising in Contested Places: A Case Study of Sahara Marathon

Yimo Guo (China): Travellers’ Rights when Purchasing Services through the Internet: A Comparison between EU and China

Yin Chun Jeffrey Wong (United Kingdom): Working Holidaymakers’ Experiences at the Workplace in the United Kingdom and Germany

Yousra Makanse (Brazil): Douro’s Women: Gender and Tourism in the Douro Region

Yu-Ning Su (Taiwan): Chinese Independent Female Travelers' Experience in European Destinations

Yuliya Kolomoyets (Ukraine): The Effect of Gamification on Tourist Experiences

Yvonne Chu Yin Kok (Malaysia): Building an Effective Brand of Co-branding Alliance in the Airline Industry through the Perception and Flight Experiences of the Passengers. A Study on Code-Sharing Alliances

Zhenrui Yang (China): Chinese Traditional Cultural Values and Gift-Giving: Shopping by Chinese Outbound Tourists

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